Professional cat care & cat sitting service in and around Burton On Trent

Cats are creatures of habit and don’t take too kindly to change or upheavals in their lives, they prefer to keep to their own routine, changes can cause them unnecessary stress hence allowing them to fret.

With cats n cuddles cat sitting & feeding service your cat stays at home in their familiar surroundings, with human contact for company ensuring they are well and cared for in your absence. They are fed, cleaned and groomed as pre-arranged by you.

I pride myself in providing you with a reliable, trustworthy and quality cat sitting and cat care service, caring for your cats as if they were my own.

I endeavour to give your pet the love and care I would expect of my own animals, so people like myself have the satisfaction of knowing that their cats are in safe hands whilst they are away from home.

If you would like to discuss cat sitting requirements call Cats n Cuddles on 07779 232078 or email:

Going on holiday and need someone to look after your cat?
Cute Cat

Cat’s n Cuddles will look after your cat in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to go away without upsetting your cat’s routine.

Your cat will remain in their familiar surroundings and I will call you as often as arranged. I will feed your cat, clean its litter tray, play with your cat and most importantly be a human presence to your feline baby in your absence.

Out all day, at work or visiting away?
Mischief Cat

Cat’s n Cuddles offers you the comfort of knowing your cat will be looked after and cared for, giving them a human presence whether you are away for only one day, having a stay in hospital, visiting friends or just a long day away.

If you work long hours and are worried about your beloved pet being left for long periods on their own, then a long term agreement can be fixed so you know your cat is being fed and cared for with human company in your absence.

Do you want to see how your cat is whilst you’re away?
Happy Cat

I am happy to give you updates on your cat’s well-being whist you are away. I will give you a brief update either by phone, text, email or Facebook message. I can also send you pictures by email or Whatsapp or even have a pre-arranged live facebook chat with your beloved feline, so you can rest assured that your pet is well and happy.

Quality Cat Care
  •  Trusting cat lover
  •  DBS police checked
  •  Short or long term cat care
  •  Holiday home visits
  •  Regular visit updates
  •  Cat grooming
Insured & Certified
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