Whether you are going on holiday, working long hours or just require a one off visit I can provide a cat caring service to suit you and your cats needs.

  • Cats n Cuddles will visit your home once or twice a day as discussed by you
  • I will feed your cat with their regular diet with wet or dry food, provided by you
  • I will ensure that your cat has plenty of fresh, clean drinking water everyday
  • Litter tray’s will be checked on each visit, emptied and cleaned as per your instruction. Please ensure there is a sufficient supply of litter before your departure
  • I will ensure the surrounding area is kept clean and tidy
  • If you require your cat to be brushed and groomed as part of their routine, I will endeavor to do this for you
  • I will play, cuddle and interact with your cat, so as to give them exercise, and to make them feel loved and not lonely. If your pet prefers to be left alone then I will check on them and abide by your wishes. Favourite toys, games etc. will have been discussed in our meet and greet visit.
  • I will endeavor to keep your cat as happy and near to his/her normal routine as possible.
Cat Caring Service in Burton on Trent