What is your security policy?

Absolute discretion is taken when visiting your home, keys are held securely and will be unmarked at all times. I will be driving an un-marked car so as not to advertise as to why I am visiting your home. I will not discuss with anyone except my husband as to your whereabouts and that you are away.

I can also check your lights and security systems if you require and I can put your bin out and return giving your home a lived in feel for your own peace of mind.

What if you are delayed and can’t make it back?

Emergencies happen as do delays, if this is unavoidable and you contact me we can sort a solution. I will do everything in my power to make sure that your cat is cared for until you return.

What if there is an emergency with your cat?

Before you go away, I will take details of your veterinary surgeon and any pet insurance you may have, this will be discussed with you on our meet and greet and a form will be filled out. If the worst happens, and your cat needs veterinary care, I will be able to act quickly ensuring your beloved pet is getting the best cure in the shortest time possible. I will of course be keeping very regular contact with you.

What if there is an emergency? How will Cats n Cuddles handle it?

In our meet and greet visit I will have taken your mobile number and any other contact numbers you require me to have. If there is an emergency of any kind, I will endeavour to contact you immediately and will advise you on how I am dealing with the situation.

Most importantly I will ensure that your cat will be looked after and cared for as if it were my own.