Cats n Cuddles is a cat feeding service run by myself in Burton on Trent and the surrounding areas.

My names is Denise and I have been a cat lover all my life, I am presently mummy to two beautiful ragdoll cats Willow and Ruby, before then I was mummy to two rescue cat sisters Poppy and Phoebe, who unfortunately, not long into their little lives were diagnosed with a blood disorder ‘non-regenerative anaemia’ this was diagnosed too late for Poppy and we lost her at only one year old. Phoebe however, after numerous tests was put on lifetime dose of steroids which we had to administer daily. We had long stretches where she was well, then she would have relapses where we needed to increase her dose to help her get through it. Unfortunately, after five years of our love and care she sadly passed away this January.

It was because of Poppy and Phoebe and now our two other girls that I have decided to become a pet sitter. I needed someone to care for Phoebe when we were away as I felt I couldn’t risk the stress of her going into a cattery. I already looked after my friends four cats when she goes on holiday so she, as well as my son reciprocated to look after Phoebe which worked well for us all.

Willow and Ruby will also be cared for in the home as I believe, they are happier in their own home environment and have each for company.


I am a trusted pet-sitter.

I am DBS checked and hold a full pet sitter/public liability insurance policy.

I am registered with NARPS UK, one of the largest pet sitter associations in the UK.

I am also registered with ‘Cat Sitting Now’ which helps put cat-sitters and owners together.

Meet Denise